Our Operation

Jenks Family Farms is a 6th generation grain farm based in Monmouth, IL. We offer a variety of leasing agreements including: fixed cash rent, variable cash rent, and crop share. We hope the following list of our practices will help you to understand how we run our operation.


Jenks Family Farms continues to integrate proven technology into our farming operation to increase efficiency and productivity. GPS has been used for many years, allowing us to be more efficient and profitable. We currently soil test all of our farms on 2.5-acre grids, every two years. This allows us to optimize fertility for crop production. Chemical and fertilizer products are used efficiently with Variable Rate Technology on application equipment. These methods have been used for more than five years on our operation and continue to be improved upon each year.


Stewardship of the land is very important to Jenks Family Farms. We want to ensure a healthy and productive environment for the next generation. Erosion and drainage is controlled by adding tile, waterways, dry dams, or other structures in the field where they are needed. Tillage is minimized to prevent erosion of fields at risk for soil loss. We treat all of our rented acres as if we owned them and continually work to improve them.

Cropping Practices

Our crops are diligently scouted for weed, insect, disease, or other problems. We use harvest yield maps to help us make necessary decisions for the following years. We maintain a modern line of equipment, allowing us to plant and harvest the crop in a timely manner.

Risk Management

Jenks Family Farms believes the way a farm manages risk in today’s farming environment will help determine the success of the business. We focus a great deal of effort on planning and evaluating actions that will influence our business. Use of crop insurance helps us market our crop better, while professional advisors help us market at a more profitable level. Jenks Family Farms uses options and selective hedging strategies, allowing us to market two to three years ahead. We provide the majority of our grain storage needs on farm, which allows us flexibility at harvest and peak delivery periods. Jenks Family Farms uses managerial accounting software to track all revenues and expenses. This helps us evaluate what has worked in the past, and to project successful decisions for the future.


Mission Statement

Jenks Family Farms is a family-oriented grain operation founded on hard work, honesty, integrity, and dedication to agriculture. We are committed to integrating new technology to improve productivity and profitability, maintaining and improving the land, developing lasting relationships with landowners, and providing employment opportunities to strengthen our community.

Photography by Russ Patterson

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