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Tom, Jill, & sons                     Andy, Jackie, & sons

Our Past

Settling in Warren County Illinois in 1841, there is no way Erastus Jenks could have predicted he would leave behind a legacy that has included six generations of Jenks farmers working the rich soil. Each generation has passed along knowledge, stewardship, honest living, and love of the land. Jenks Family Farms today is the product of combined effort of the multiple generations of farmers in our family. We feel very fortunate to have our roots run so deep in agriculture and hope that future generations will appreciate our family’s farming heritage.

Our Present

Continuing with traditions from the past, Jenks Family Farms is a family-based operation centered in Monmouth, Illinois. The partnership of brothers Andy and Tom Jenks brings together years of experience and a unique blend of knowledge and leadership. Both Andy and Tom were educated at the University of Illinois, with Andy earning a degree in Agricultural Economics and Tom in Technical Systems Management.

Starting with just a few hundred acres ten years ago, Jenks Family Farms has grown to include acreage in several counties in west central Illinois. We offer quality jobs with competitive pay to our community, employing full-time and seasonal employees. Both Andy and Tom and their families are active in local churches and their community. With family values at the core of who we are, Andy and his wife, Jackie, have three sons, while Tom and his wife, Jill, have three sons.

Our Future

Many changes are taking place in the agriculture industry and Jenks Family Farms is in a position to adapt, change, and grow. As world populations increase, there is an ever increasing demand for consumer goods and food produced by the American farmer. We look forward to the challenges and are excited about the opportunites agriculture may offer the next generation.

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